Episode 3

Some days, you really just need a break from being sick, y’know?

Last Thursday was that day.

Bad, bad morning.  Stomach aches, diarrhea, and blood. Had one accident and a another extremely close call. (Dunkin Donuts, your food makes people sick but I love your bathrooms and the fact that you are located on every street corner.) I don’t know about you, but every time “accidents happen” I get pretty low. I can go days feeling like I’m in labor with a 17 pound baby but when that happens, it’s a different low entirely.

So. what could remedy a spirit such as this? Sun? hmm. maybe… Sun and a lounge chair? getting warmer… Sun and a lounge chair and some more worm babies? Bingo.

and THAT’S how it’s done.*

Nothin’ like sippin’ eggs in the sun to put a smile on your face.

But seriously, Thursday happened to be dose three day and we got it done.  400 more whipworm ova are now swimmin’ around in my gastric juices. That makes 1,000 ova all together.

Two words: Game Time.

I’m so hoping these babies kick into gear soon. Since I last updated bout 2 and a half weeks ago, things have only steadily gotten worse. Here is a run-down of the days-to-sickness ratio:

Day 46 of the 1st dose (18 of the 2nd): Stools began to become less formed, and at least one bowel movement of blood. When I talk about blood, I mean that in real very terms– a few blot clots, and literally all of the toilet water is bright red. It’s Christmas far too often around here.

Days 47-50 (1st)/20-23(2nd): A good four days of one bowel movement of significant blood per day. Still going 6x a day, barely formed stools, plus some minor stomach cramps.

Day 57/29/1: This is the Thursday I’m talking about. Dose three. 400 more ova introduced.

Day 59/31/3: Horrible blood loss about 3x that day. Stomach ached all day long, general feeling of crappiness…

For the past several weeks I’ve been bleeding almost every time I go, though I’ve only recorded for you the most significant days of blood (feelin lucky yet?). I’ve been feeling tired and weak as well. Still on the 10mgs of Prednisone daily. I’ll admit, I get a little worried when I read about my fellow-wormer’s experiences. By most (good) accounts, I should be feeling better by now– especially since my helminth of choice is human whipworm. Yet, my stools are less formed than they were a month ago and I’m bleeding way more. Anyone have any insight on this?

As much as I love to panic….  it’s still too soon for that…

So anyway that was episode three down the hatch. Let’s hope that it’s not an epic fail…  like this scene  in the other Episode 3. (welcome to how my mind works…)

Welp, maybe next time I’ll have somethin’ great to write. hope. so.

See ya!

*In case you’re thinking about it, don’t ever sip your ova through a straw. Sometimes I’m guilty of staging things for dramatic effect  😉


15 responses to “Episode 3

  1. Hey Jenna, sorry to hear what you have been going through. Have you thought about trying LDN in addition to the worms? I just started LDN. I thought I’d give it a try before I try the worms. I hope it works!.

    • Hey Felix! Yes, I have tried LDN. I was on it for about a year. I saw no marked improvement that could be attributed to it though… still, it’s a really good idea to try it. Many have had great results with it. I’ve considered going back on it with the worms but haven’t decided yet. It’s difficult to find the right combination of things for your body!

  2. Oh miss Jenna, I am praying for a miracle for you! Those little worms are just rearranging their digs and then they’ll be right at home! Let’s get together soon. Sending my love 🙂

  3. hi, jenna — you may already be doing this, but i wonder if being on the body ecology diet (or SCD) in combo with the HT would help you stop bleeding. if i have just one bite of anything with sugar in it, i bleed immediately. same goes for rice, potatoes, wheat, and most types of fruit. i was nearly in remission from UC when i started HT, and i think most of that was due to me following a pretty strict diet. if you crave sweets, there’s always stevia! 🙂

    good luck!

    • Thanks for the insight! I tried SCD for two years (non-consecutively)… interestingly it did not seem to help. There was one point where I did a vegetable/fruit juice fast for 3 months, and was still flaring unbelieveably. The most success I’ve had with anything is biological medicine in combination with a low protein, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy diet (I also avoided foods that showed up on an IgG test). But obviously that hasn’t been working for me recently. I don’t know what to eat anymore… I am going to start juicing again (veggies/some fruit) along with eating only steamed veggies and organic meats, so basicially the beginning stages of SCD without the dairy. What can I say, bodies are complicated!! Glad you found a diet that has been great for you though…. even though it’s pretty restrictive, there must be a freedom in knowing exactly what makes you sick.

  4. do you know your vitamin D levels? Do you supplement? The ideal range is 50ng/ml-80ng/ml.

    • I haven’t had them checked very recently due to insurance issues…. will do it soon hopefully. I have had them check in the past however and am supplementing/getting sun. VitD is vital!

  5. Rats, Jenna! Sorry you haven’t been feeling well, but don’t get discouraged…you’re still a long way away from knowing if your worms are going to do their thing. I just took my first dose of a 5-dose protocol, my second try with whipworms, and I know it’s a long journey, but I’m hopeful for both of us! I’ve had trouble with bleeding in the past, too, and got it under control through acupuncture. Have you had any luck with acupuncture?

  6. Thanks Nancy! I was so sorry to read a while back that your first dose didn’t take. I have high hopes for your second try! It’s great that your bleeding can be controlled by acupuncture. I have tried it… for several months each time by 3 different doctors. It didn’t seem to offer any relief to my colitis. Though, if I had a cold or the flu, one acupuncture session would move it right through me so it would only last 2 days. It’s great medicine, I’ve just got a stubborn colon :/

  7. Hey! Just discovered your blog. I have UC as well and have been researching a ton of alternative therapies – just today heard about whipworms. Although I’ve been in somewhat of an ‘almost-remission’ for a while, I totally relate to All the symptoms you’ve mentioned. I’m rooting for ya, and really hope you have great success with the worms. It’s really encouraging to run across someone in a similar situation who is also doing what they can to take treatment into their own hands! I hope that doesn’t sound insensitive, because obviously I wouldn’t wish UC on anyone and take no joy in your pain, but sometimes it can feel so lonely, you know? I’m sure you do. Anyway… Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Hey Jacob– thanks for the comment! I definitely understand the feeling of “aloneness”… which is why I wanted to blog about my experience. I’ve really benefitted from a lot of the worm bloggers before me. It’s great to hear that you are almost in remission– maybe the worms can get you to the net level of good health! I should work on my “what I’ve tried” section. I’ve done almost every alternative therapy so it would be a good reference for people like you who are researching alternatives. Ah well, one of these days I’ll sit down and type it all out 🙂 Good luck on your UC journey!

      • Ya! A list of therapies you’ve tried would be really interesting to read. I feel like I’ve run the gamut over the last 11 years, but you take the cake, ’cause I haven’t swallowed lots’o’worm-babies. 🙂

        I’d really like to hear more about how you’ve coped relationaly and socially. It seems like – from the little I’ve gathered from your posts – that you’ve got a really supportive hubs, which is AWESOME. I’m married as well, and my wife is SO so supportive, as well. But it’s really hard in those moments when you know that they just don’t quite get it.

        And then there’s trying to work… ugh…

        Whoa… aaaanyway, that’s maybe too personal? I don’t know. Probably for a blog comment. And definitely long-winded. So, I’ve signed in with my facebook so if you want to shoot me a message, please do! But that’s up to you.

        Either way, do let the world know how things are going soon!

        God Bless!

  8. I can attest to the feeling of labor pains. A few years ago I told my mom and doctor that I felt like my UC cramps were as bad as contractions, and they rolled their eyes at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Well I had a very epidural-free labor last winter, and gave birth to a very 9 lb. baby, and I can safely say that if you’ve lived through UC, you can live through childbirth! Thank you for sharing your experiences. You have a great sense of humor… something I learned early on makes UC much easier to live with. I’m probably going to be ordering myself some worms soon. Thanks for the input. Feel better!

    • Ahh!!! I feel so justified knowing that (about labor pains compaired to UC pains). I can’t tell you how often I would say that and they would be like, “umm have you ever had a baby?” I just wanted to be like, “Umm have you ever had to poop through a narrow, inflammed, ulcerated, bloody colon?.. for years at a time?” And I don’t even get a baby after all the pain. Ha! Well, best of luck to you and your worms if you decide to go ahead with it! Keep me posted on your progress if you want– maybe even think about starting a blog 🙂

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