Whipworm in mah belly, belly

Dear friends, family, and strangers who read about my bowel situation–

I’ve been holding 0ff on updating in hopes that in my next post I could use an obnoxious amount of exclamation points and maybe even an offensive amount of capital letters to describe how [AWESOME] I’m doing!!!!!!!!!!!

Buuuut. alas, the struggle continues. Things are still where they were in June, for the most part. Let me do my “day to symptoms ratio” layout and then we can discuss bigger and better things:

Day 67/39/11: One week into my third dose. Ironically the second and third doses seemed to make me more tired and dragging than the initial dose… Could be because they were larger by 200 eggs, but who knows. I had one or two episodes of straight diarrhea in the week that followed (mostly my stools are loosely formed), some blood but a definite decrease from the weeks before. I love seeing no blood. Naturally I thought the worms might be kickin’ in.

Days 74/46/18: Say hello to the month of July! oh, and menstrual week. Sorry to go here but I have to for full disclosure, you understand. Basically, I want to go into a coma for a week out of every month. Nay, two. Two weeks. I have two bad UC weeks when Aunt Flow comes ’round, complete with days of diarrhea cramping and blood loss. and then it takes me a weeks to recover, then I’m back where I started. See dialog below:

Me: “Another month down, hopefully next month won’t set me back.”


All mah Ladies– how do you deal with this and UC? Aside from a birth control pill which I’ve tried… and Red Raspberry…

So. Not a “good week.”

Day 81/53/25: This week the blood has decreased again but my stools are looser. yay diarrhea.

Overall: Going 5-6X a day, though sometimes I’ll get lucky and only go about 3. Urgency is still a huge factor, so I carry my paranoia around with me like it’s worth a million dollars. Um. Still on 10mgs. of Prednisone. I’m thinking about tapering it regardless of my symptoms because I’ve been on it for 6 months now and I can’t keep doing this. Plus, the worms are past their 2 week buffer time of needing an immune suppressant. Decisions.

Remission is generally felt around week 14, which is next week! AH. The thing is, if my first dose of worm babies didn’t take, there is a chance my second dose did, so I have to wait another 4 weeks to see if I experience any relief from those little guys.

Emotion check: I haven’t lost faith in HT. I have no doubt it has helped many people get their lives bank and place them on a truly different level of health– and I’m so happy for them. I hope to join the ranks of success stories, but I understand that UC is an extremely complex disease and therefore not everyone can or will, and I have to be okay with that. Still, it’s early. Stay tuned.

and now for bigger and better things as promised.

So my husband has this sweet app on his ipod.  If you sing/talk into the speaker and it will “songify” your message (yeah, so I might still be in 6th grade, so what if I think it’s cool). Tonight he said, “hey sing something into this.”

I sang, he played it back, and it was downright amazing. It’s a little something I call “Whipworm In Ma Belly.”  (<-click for song)



8 responses to “Whipworm in mah belly, belly

  1. Wow I love your Whipworm rap friend! Haha. I am praying that this works for you my dear!

  2. Always praying for you. Love your sense of humor. Go whipworms!!!!

  3. Yeah, we ARE alike. I also think it tends to be harder sometimes being a girl with UC. Periods are a LOT harder… seems like the tummy aches are 2x as bad! And I went thru a PREGNANCY with UC — NOT fun!

    What do I do? Rest. Do the girly thing & take “me” time! Not much else you CAN do!

    The worm flu really kicked in for me on the 3rd dose, too. I guess from now on it’s just a waiting game. Should be a month or two before we see the dawn, right? :p

    • Yep! I’d love to get the waiting part over soon, haha! How soon are you expecting to see results since you are dosing similar to me? Also, since you mentioned it and I’ve always wondered… how bad was being pregnant with UC? Did you find it helped you a bit or distressed your body more? I’ve heard some say that it has helped their symptoms but then I’ve also heard some horror stories… I really want to have a baby in the next few years, but I’m hoping to get on some solid ground before that happens y’know?

  4. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading through your adventures. Its not an easy path that’s for sure. I am currently exploring the avenue of Helminths after a 15+ year struggle with UC. I would be super grateful for any suggestions and direction in getting me some worms!

    If it’s OK, could we chat through email?

    Thanks for considering.

    Best Regards, Jared

  5. Hi Jenna, I have been following your Whipworm journey. How are you doing now? Hope you’re ok. Wish you all the best.
    Kind Regards, Emilia

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