Some Sick Coincidence

I’m almost to scared to be writing a “good” update in case it ends up being some sick coincidence… yet I write. because I like you guys.” –September 3 Update

So uhh… **looks down at feet and shuffles**  slightly embarrassing. What day was Labor Day? September 5th? …Yep. That’s the day everything started to go haywire again. TWO days after I wrote a spectacular update– things went south, FAST.  I had to use the bathroom 4 times that morning and then, out of nowhere that night, BAM. DR. D came back to town. Sent me straight running to the bathroom less than ten feet away and I almost didn’t make it. If my life were a script, it would read something like this:

Me: “Yay! Guys! Guys! I’m doing better! Worms must be working, I can see my sanity on the horizon!”


and then it smashed some serious humble pie in my face.

It took me only moments to realize that I had to, once again, work my way through the Five Stages of Grief.

Stage One: Denial; demonstrated by saying to myself, “Oh, yikes, well that was a bad day. Tomorrow will be better.” Tomorrow wasn’t better. In fact, tomorrow was worse. and the next day, and the next day….  which brought about Stage Two: Anger: “NO. 😦 why? cry cry cry, I hate this, my life is ruined… again, etc.etc.”

So then I thought it best to Bargain: (Stage Three). How does one bargain with their own body? I don’t know, but I went on a vegetable juice fast for a week to give my colon a break plus lots of nutrients. And I’m not talking the overpriced pasteurized bottled carrot juice at the store, I’m talking organic veggies that got muscled through a juicer. No fruit juices, as they contain too much sugar for a bowel in a state of disbiosis.

And wouldn’t ya know? I got worse.

meanwhile, I’ve been fighting reoccurring yeast infections, which have been taking place since the end of July. Never before have I had this problem but hey, why not add it to the list of crap I’m working though.

Cue Stage 4: Depression.

Of course I try to cure myself of this yeast problem with natural remedies because I don’t want to take another jaunt down pharma alley. But eventually I caved and took drugs. The natural methods AND the drugs failed because the infection is  just too strong. While researching I realized that not only do I have a localized yeast infection, but I have a yeast overgrowth surging through my entire body, effecting a good number of my organs.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? Candida albicans. It’s a fungus that is normally found in the bowel and elsewhere in the body, and is fine when countered by good bacteria. However. When you take prednisone (check), birth control pills (check) are female (double check), and have a compromised immune system + leaky gut, you’re at high risk for this fungi to multiply out of control, and it can seriously mess with your system.

So out of control. I basically have all the symptoms listed on any given “candida survey.” I had not realized this before because a) I never had a yeast infection before this and b) all the symptoms can be attributed to colitis or worms or to prednisone. For example: exhaustion, achy muscles, brain fog, frequent headaches, constant sore throat, thyroid disruption, craving sweets/carbs, diarrhea, bloating, PMS, mood swings, nausea, hair loss, night sweats, etc. GAHH! why didn’t someone tell me!  I know I’ve had this problem for probably over a year, I just attributed those things to, well, other things.

That’s what happens when you overlap sicknesses, okay? So don’t.

I have since read several huge books, and quite a few articles on the topic and am trying to tackle the problem with a two week stint of Diflucan and by going on a very strict Candida diet, which outlaws: fruit, juice, sugar, sweeteners, dairy, all grains, honey, tea, herbs, tomato, carrots, peppers, eggplant… basically the only things I can eat right now are green vegetables and meat. So, SCD to the extreme. I am following Dr. Z’s protocol. He is a big supporter of the Sanum homeopathic products I use so I assume he’s cut from good cloth. alsooo I’m taking supplements like cray-cray in hopes that I can kill this bad boy off.

This is my third week with absolutely no sugar or carbs and I would absolutely kill for a raisin. I’m not any better, though. I’m back to stomach aches all day long, diarrhea, and bright red toilet water. Three weeks to go and I will try to slowly resume normal eating habits. (heh. what are normal eating habits again?)

What part do the worms play in this? I think the worms may have weakened my immune system just enough to send the yeast problem right over the edge into plain sight. If this really is a candida problem (and I’m quite sure of it), then I don’t expect the worms to stand up to that. I’m going to ride this out and see, when the candida decreases significantly, if the worms help me like the little champions I paid for them to be. Which brings me to…

Stage 5: Acceptance. Yeah. Not quite there yet.

One more thing. There is this book on cancer that I’ve been reading and it’s premise is that cancer is caused by a vitamin B17 deficiency. It has been proven that B17 can heal/prevent cancer, except treatments with this vitamin are illegal in the great US of A because our government is run by money-grubbing criminals. Never fear, B17 is found in apricot seeds and apple seeds and some others. While reading more on the subject I ran across a forum where a lady nonchalantly said she always ate apple seeds to put her colitis into remission. WHAT? okay. done. sold.

So now I am eating apple seeds, one seed per 10lbs of body weight per day. (make sure you eat the right amount, they are posionious in large doses) (I mean, don’t be scared or anything, just don’t treat them like movie popcorn.)
Worms, apple seeds, what WILL she think of next?!!?!?


3 responses to “Some Sick Coincidence

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time at the moment. Try not to cut too low on sugar carbs, as your body does need this, and if your body doesn’t get enough will make you feel worse. Have enough healthy carbohydrates. I really feel for you and hope this is a temporary blip. Sending loves and hugs.

  2. Hope your doing better.

  3. Thanks for having the courage to share your story. The world and those around you benefit greatly by your attempts at healing. You demonstrate great strength and willingness to take your health back – the health you deserve and the health that is rightfully yours to enjoy. May your journey become resolved with ease and nurturing. All My Best, Jah

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