Everybody poops.

but it’s entirely possible I might poop more than everybody.

in the world.  combined.

At least, that’s how I feel. And I can imagine the other 1.7 million North Americans feel the same way. Us “leaky-gut” kids suffer from what’s known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. IBD is a blanket term for two autoimmune diseases: Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis.  Both are digestive diseases that effect the small intestine (Crohn’s), or large intestine (UC)… or if you’re really lucky leaky, both. Both diseases are said to have no known cause nor cure. In other words, get used to it. It’s yours for life.

In  2005, at the age of 18,  I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? I believe that’s latin for “more painful than a constant state of childbirth.” I could detail the life-altering symptoms of these diseases but chances are you aren’t reading this blog for a better understanding of IBD. That’s what Wikipedia is for. Chances are, like me, you’re looking for a solution.

Solution?? Cure??  As extensive and academic as it is, you won’t find those words in your GI’s vocab. A guy could get sued for saying something like that.  Not that he would even be tempted to. He can offer no real solutions, only drugs, more drugs, and surgery.

I learned pretty early on that the conventional medical root wasn’t the path for me. I decided to pursue whatever alternative therapy I could find that made sense. As with any shift in paradigm, it requires a learning curve.  I have tried almost every natural alternative there is. Read my “What I’ve Tried” page for more details. You won’t be disappointed.  Cut to six years, 25+ doctors later… I’m eating parasitic worms of my own accord and  I couldn’t be more excited.

How did I get there? Glad you asked.  Sometimes a poop joke or two go a long way. So don’t be shy.

A few months ago I was talking with a co-worker and she mentioned that she had recently read an article about a man who, as a last resort treatment for UC, traveled to Thailand to infect himself with parasitic worms.  As long as he hosted the worms, his UC remained in complete remission. This dude even figured out how to harvest eggs from his own stool… whaaat. Needless to say, she left my office and I immediately googled this guy who should be called a hero in his own right. Sho’nuff, I came to this article .

After reading several studies on the subject I was convinced worm therapy made perfect sense. It’s based on what is known as the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” … not to be confused with “hypotenuse.” This is the furthest thing from a math class so don’t let the term scare you. It’s just an alliterated way of saying we (highly developed countries) are too clean. We have removed ourselves from the environment (through the use of antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps, disinfectants, etc.) to such an extent that it has interrupted the delicate balance of our body’s immune system.  If certain T-cells are not sufficiently stimulated, other T-cells which are responsible for stimulating the antibody-mediated part of the immune system will be overstimulated, thereby producing an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks itself. If the T-cells are properly stimulated, that will give them something to work on, rather than ravaging an organ. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about giving my T-cells a decent job that doesn’t involve ripping open my colon.

Side effects listed were: watery/bloody diarrhea, fever, fatigue, stomach cramps, gas… and that was only supposed to last for a few weeks MAYBE.

Basically what I’ve been experiencing for 6 years straight. This treatment is child’s play compared to what I’ve done. So bring it on. I’ve got nothin’ to lose but time. But we all lose that.

After I was convinced it only took a few weeks get more information from the main suppliers. I decided to go with AIT. The worms were at my door about 2 weeks after I ordered them and I pounded those suckers (literally) back like a good Irishman. Now, the waiting game begins.

I’m keeping track of my progress here so others who might be interested in this form of treatment may have a better idea of the what to expect, how it works, etc. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or advice!


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  1. Hello, I’m not sure if you are still coming on here but I think I have some information that could help you. My family has been going through many of the health issues that you are. The reason behind it…mold. It has destoyed the happy lives we use to have. I have been sick for 6-7 years. My 16 yr old son has been sick for almost 3yrs. He has been home schooling for this school year and lost his 3rd place ranking in engineering and design at the academy he attends. Hopefully we have a happy ending because I have finally found a doctor that treats this kind of illness. Its expensive but worth every penny…I just want to see my son smile again.

    • Hi Alena,

      Thanks for your comment! I am so sorry to hear about you and you son. That is a terribly hard burden to bare, but I’m hopeful that it will be over soon since you found a doctor who can treat you both! While my illness wasn’t caused by mold, it was worsened when I lived in a house that had black mold in the attic. As soon as I found out, I moved, and began to feel better immediately. If you are living or working in a moldy environment, I would suggest that you move as soon as possible if you can. It will help so much! My last few posts on the blog talk about dealing with the mold issue. I hope you and your son can likewise find some healing!

  2. Hi there Jenna. I found your site during a search for information about earthworms lol…but I’m glad I found you. I feel for your situation, though I don’t have any personal experience with your specific health challenge.

    I can only imagine how many people have offered their opinions and methods for helping manage your UC health condition; however, if you would allow me, I would like to add to that list.

    I am aware of an individual who cured himself of Chron’s disease by following powerful diet and healthy mindset principles. You may or may not be aware of Jordan Rubin’s story, but I invite you to take a look at his transformation so that, if possible, you could glean some helpful information from his experience.

    A quick Google search would in all likelihood yield tons of information on Jordan Rubin and his story, though I invite you to read this quick article about Jordan’s food company and a little about how quality, organic foods were pivitol in his recovery:


    I pray that there are helpful tips that you can glean from Jordan. This article is but one of many ways to learn about his struggle and defeat of 18 illnesses including an incurable.

    • Hi James, thanks for you comment! I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write me and to offer some advice and direction. I have indeed heard of Jordan Rubin and actually have 3 or 4 of his books, including Patient Heal Thyself and The Maker’s Diet. The diet that he recommends is the diet I largely follow now, although in the throws of my illness a few years back, the diet would have been too much for my system to handle (he encourages dairy, wheat, and raw foods). I take some supplements from his company as I feel he is trustworthy and produces quality products, and I recommend his books to people in similar health situations to my own. I’ve also employed many of his wellness tips! At any rate, you’re giving great advice! Thanks again for taking the time to help a stranger in need 🙂

  3. Hi Jenna,
    I have really been moved by reading your blog postings. I am in a similar situation and am seriously exploring the various alternative approaches. I am curious if you ever explored FMT after the unsuccessful Helminth process. How did you respond to FMT??
    Thanks again for the encouragement I have gained through your experience.

    • Hi peter, thanks for you comment! I actually never did personally explore FMT after I tried the Helminths. I was able to get into remission without it. BUT, it is something that I have studied would highly recommend. There are clinics around the country that offer FMT, but of course you can also do it on your own. If you choose to do it on your own, I have a few pointers you might find helpful… find a healthy donor who has taken little to no antibiotics in the course of their life (an infant or child would work as well). Make sure the donor is healthy with no possible virus’ or parasites, and have them eat a diet of foods that do not bother you for at least 3 days before you do the transplantation. You could also try a probiotic retention enema, which is essentially the same thing but less potent. I have done this with good success, and it seemed to help me. Good luck on your journey to health, Peter, and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask!

  4. Thanks for your reply, Jenna! You may not realize it but your posts really are a blessing. Please tell me where I can find more information on the probiotic retention enema.
    Also, what did you do to get into remission and how long have you been in remission? Is it complete remission?
    And are there still clinics doing FMT for UC given the FDA ruling? I can send an email address too.
    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Peter, I apologize for the extreme lateness of my reply! As for the probiotic retention enema’s, you either search the internet for instructions or you can follow the guidelines as outlined in Jini Patel Thompson’s book, “Listen to your gut.”
    I have been in complete remission for over a year now. Completely drug free. I had tried everything there is to try for UC treatment.. chinese medicine, helminthic therapy, swiss biological medicine, nathropathy, homeopathy, emotional therapies, etc., many different diets and supplements. I cant point to one thing and say that it made the most significant difference as I believe that each thing helped me to learn more about gut health and take strides in the correct direction. The things I recommend more to other people are the importance of probiotics, food sensitivity testing, getting toxins/chemicals out of the home/products, and most importantly eating a diet that consists of whole, organic, non-GMO foods.
    There are still clinics doing FMT, yes. Here is a resource that you may find helpful: http://fecalmicrobiotatransplantation.com/FMT/home.html

    Good luck on your journey! please let me know if I can assist you further. I am currently writing a book about alternative treatments for UC which should be available in the next year 🙂

  6. Very good article. I am going through some of these issues as well..

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