Where to Get Worms

Autoimmune Therapy

Jasper Lawrence founded AIT in 2007. They offer both hookworm and human whipworm larvae. I purchased my whipworm here: http://AutoimmuneTherapies.com/

Worm Therapy (Mexico)

Garin Aglietti was one of the original co-founders of Autoimmune Therapies but  now runs his own clinic “Worm Therapy” out of Mexico.  He offers hookworm: http://WormTherapy.com/



These good people provide TSO therapy, otherwise known as pig whipworm: (http://www.tanawisa.com)


2 responses to “Where to Get Worms

  1. Hi
    I wanted to ask you to post a link to http://opensourcehelminththerapy.org – a Wiki on helminthic therapy under your “Links” section. I added a link to your blog under the Blogs section of the wiki.
    Thanks a lot.

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